Does the Brookline Farmers’ Market accept SNAP/EBT?

We do! We also match SNAP benefits up to $10.

How does this work?

At the market information tent our SNAP associate Sarah will swipe your SNAP/EBT card for any amount you specify. That amount will be deducted from your account. You will then be given wooden tokens for TWICE the amount that was deducted from your account, up to $10 per day, while our matching funds are available.  The tokens can then be used at almost all of our market stands.

Still confused?

Here is an example, if you plan to spend $20 , you can ask us to debit your account for $10, and we’ll double that and give you tokens worth $20 to spend at the market.

What are you able to purchase with these SNAP tokens?

You may purchase any food items such as any produce, meat, fish, honey, and speciality foods like olive oil as well. You can even purchase plants and seeds that grow food!

Want to help us fund our Match program?  

Our match program is funded entirely by private donations, mostly small sums.  We happily accept donations at our market information stand on Thursdays.



Does the Brookline Farmers’ Market participate in the new HIP Program (Healthy Incentives Program)?

The HIP program is designed to be used at individual farmers’ stands.  We cannot as a market accept HIP.

We are aware at this time that the Department of Transitional Assistance has been heavily advertising this program to SNAP program participants.

Unfortunately, although many of our farms do want to participate in the HIP program, the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture as well as the Department of Traditional Assistance have not yet distributed the hardware and software to the farms to be able to process HIP transactions.  Because they are heavily advertising the program already, before the equipment has been distributed, this has created some confusion.  We have no control over this.

Four farms NOW accept HIP! Stillman's Farm, Nicewicz Farm, Kimball Fruit Farm, and Dick's Market Garden. Please visit the information tent at the market for any further questions and/or support.