Update 9/14/17 - There are now TWO ways to use your SNAP/EBT cards at the Brookline Farmers’ Market:

#1  Pay DIRECTLY at these 5 farms with your card and get HIP

Dick’s Market Garden-  Stillman’s Farm-  Nicewicz Family Farm-  Kimball Fruit Farm-  Myco Terra Farm.  You DO NOT need to get wooden tokens at the Market Info Booth first.

Using your SNAP/EBT card directly at these farms means you will make use of the new HIP Program when you shop.

  1. If you have a SNAP/EBT card you are already enrolled! Use your SNAP dollars to buy farm-fresh fruits & vegetables.
  2.  An equal amount of money (up to your monthly limit of $40 for 1-2 people, $60 for 3-5 people, or $80 for 6+ people) will be added back to your EBT card.
  3.  You can then spend your earned HIP benefits anywhere that accepts SNAP.

 #2  Get wooden tokens at the Market Info Booth

If you wish to use your SNAP / EBT card to shop at any other stands at the market (for instance for meat or cheese or honey or fish) then you will come to the Market Info Booth to have us charge your card and give you wooden tokens which allow you to shop at all other food stands.  Each token is worth $2.00.

Please be aware that when spending the tokens you will NOT receive HIP benefits (even if you are buying fruits or vegetables).  You WILL receive our $10.00 Per week SNAP MATCH to double your dollars!  This Match is privately funded by the Brookline Farmers’ Market.

We CANNOT refund your card if you do not use all of your wooden tokens. You can however use them any week you want, all the way through the end of the market season.

HIP is run by the DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance).  Our SNAP MATCH is run by the Brookline Farmers’ Market.  Please note that to get your HIP benefits you must use your EBT card DIRECTLY at the 5 participating farms.

Please note - Our Info Booth staff and the HIP participating farms CANNOT assist you with questions you have about your SNAP /EBT card balances, forgotten PIN #s, or other problems.  For any problems with your cards you need to directly call the Department of Transitional Assistance at 1-877-382-2363


Want to help us fund our Match program?  

Our match program is funded entirely by private donations, mostly small sums.  We happily accept donations at our Go Fund Me page. The link is in the green band at the top of this web page.