Current Vendors

Returning vendors and new vendors who have already received approval to attend for the 2019 season may download the 2019 Market Rules and Regulations Document, the Approved Vendor Stall Application 2019, and the Brookline Health Dept. App Form by clicking the links below under CURRENT VENDOR FORMS. DO NOT USE THESE FORMS UNLESS WE HAVE INFORMED YOU BY EMAIL THAT YOU ARE AN APPROVED VENDOR and directly asked you to fill out these forms.

Please mail your completed Approved Vendor Stall Application, and Certificates of Insurance (COI), to the address at the top of the page of the Stall Application, so that they arrive to our office by April 1st, 2019.  At the very latest you can bring your completed application and materials to the April 1st 2019 Pre-Season Market meeting and hand them to us person.  We must have the form and COI  by April 1st before you leave that meeting!

NOTE - Health Dept. Registrations for the 2019 season - If you are a returning vendor who held a Health Department Registration in 2018 you will get a renewal in the mail with instructions and deadlines during the month of April. The renewal will have an option to fill out and upload all of your supporting documents and $20.00 registration payment online. If you are a NEW VENDOR for 2019 you should send in the 2019 Brookline-Health-Dept. App.PDF form (you can click on to download below this paragraph to the right) as soon as possible. They will then contact you if they need any additional materials from you to register you for this year, as well as to get you into the online system for future years.

Current Vendor Forms 


Apply to become a NEW vendor here:

If you are NOT a returning vendor from 2018 then this information is for you. Thank you for your interest in the Brookline Farmers’ Market!

At this time (as of June 1st, 2019) The 2019 market is full. Most of our 2018 vendors are returning and we have selected a few new vendors for 2019 as well. From time to time vendors drop out and therefore we do still encourage any interested applicants to fill out the following short email form. Even if we can not include you in the Market right now, this acts as a means of keeping your information on file in case of any future opportunities.

As a general rule we seek vendors who either grow their product(s) in the New England Area or locally produce, rather than grow, a product, in the New England Area containing locally grown ingredients. We do make a few exceptions for products not grown or produced in New England, such as Olive Oil.

If you send in this web form, it will be filed under “Potential Vendors” and assessed only if we end up with an opening.  This is not a “first come, first served” kind of waiting list.  We strive to keep a certain balance of products at the market, so we assess vendors based on our needs at the time we are filling an empty spot.

Please DO fill in the “Message” block below with information about your company with links to your website or any other social media sites. We often get inquiries from people that lack any information other than their name. We need to learn about you and what you grow or produce! Filling out this email form does NOT guarantee you a spot in our market. We receive many many requests from potential new vendors each year, but unfortunately space limitations of the market mean we can accept only just a few new vendors each year.

Please only fill out this form if you have an actual existing business with your local municipalities Health Dept. Permits and Business Liability Insurance all available to share with us if we ask.

*Please keep in mind that the market does not have electricity. Hot and cold holding of your product must be able to be achieved by non electrical means.

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Prospective Non-Profits

We are pleased to welcome community outreach and non-profit organizations to the Brookline Farmers’ Market. Any organization is welcome to apply. We believe non-profit and community outreach participation is critical to all of our markets. We have partnered with Inspo:Expo to help meet the needs and requests of all applicants to the best of our ability. The efforts taken in preparing for each of our markets is greatly appreciated. 

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