Inspo:Expo is joining the market!

We're excited to announce that the Brookline Farmers' Market will now be providing one or more Inspo:Expo tables every Thursday!


What is Inspo:Expo? 

Inspo:Expo launched in October 2017 with its first-ever Brookline Action Fair. Over 300 people learned about 70+ social action projects run by their neighbors. Now, Inspo:Expo has partnered with the Brookline Farmers' Market to have a rotating Inspo:Expo table to spread the word about our social action projects. We are grateful to the Farmers' Market to help make Inspo:Expo not just a moment, but a movement.

"Inspo" means "something that serves as inspiration." Interested in being an inspiration to someone else? Want to learn how to sign up for a table to spread the word about your social action project? Visit us on Facebook  to learn more. 

- Hadassah Margolis, Founder

Inspo:Expo. Get Inspired. Volunteer. Take a stand.