Meet our newest addition - Assawaga Farm!

The BFM is over the moon to introduce the community of Brookline to Assawaga Farm, enjoy the read!


Hi, we're Yoko and Alex, the farmers at Assawaga Farm located in Putnam, CT.

Our farm is a certified organic, small scale, and human powered market garden with an emphasis on Japanese varieties of vegetables and mushrooms. While neither of us grew up on a farm, we do have a strong passion, background, and love for nature, sustainability, and anything and everything to do with food! 

Our utmost priority is to nurture and feed the soil so that our farm can be productive for generations to come and continue to produce the tastiest and most nutrient dense vegetables. To that effect, we employ no-till methods to minimize soil disturbance, maximize the use of cover crops, and aspire to build fertility within the farm.

In addition to no-till techniques, we take a lot of inspiration from Japanese organic farming methods in order to achieve our sustainability goals. We really enjoy traveling around Japan in the off season, visiting farms, and learning about the various ways in which some Japanese farmers have cultivated a harmonious relationship with the natural environment.

At the Brookline Farmers Market, we are very excited to share recipe ideas and stories from the farm and connect with the community!